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Books From the USA to Switzerland

For shipping of books or other printed matter, the cheapest route is via the USPS through their M-Bag service. At present the rate is $0.95 per pound with a limit of 66 pounds. Regular items can be shipped for $1.55 per pound, still a deal. Check out the relevant USPS web page.

You need to have your books well boxed as they will be manhandled and may come out smelling a bit musty. Show up with your sturdy sealed 66 pound boxes at your local post office. They will provide the actual bags that go over the boxes and tags that need to be affixed. It is recommended that the destination and source addresses be printed on the boxes themselves for the eventuality that the bags go missing but boxes do not. It really does take 4 to 6 weeks. For one shipment of three boxes on the same day to the same address I received the first one after four weeks, second after five and third after six weeks. I don't know why they got split up.

Large Items from the USA to Switzerland

The company Copper Smith Inc. will charge by the pallet at a rate of about $500-600 with fees on the Swiss side of things. They will also hire out an entire container.
InterDean will ship from the U.S. at a rate of about 3000CHF for 2 cubic meters. This is reportedly the best deal around at present.

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