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How to print out Zurich public transport timetables departing from your stop (as seen at tram / bus / ferry stops)

You need to do it from the ZVV website. Much of the site is available in English but this part isn't. So for those who can't read German very well :

1. Got to the ZVV web address :

2. On the left hand navigation bar select Haltestellen Fahrplan

3. Enter the name of the tram/bus/ferry stop you want to start from in Haltstelle and click on the 'Anfrage starten' button. If you are not specific (eg Wollishofen) you will get a list of all the types of stops from that location to chose from in a drop down list. Select the one you want and click on the 'Anfrage starten' button again.

4. You now get a list of the routes running through it. Select the direction you wish to travel in by clicking on the round button to the left.

5. A PDF file is generated for you to print out and display by your front door. The numbers on the left of the stops indicates the typical number of minutes it takes to travel to that stop from leaving your starting location.

(Contributed via the Zurich Ex-Pats Yahoo group by Ben Hines and Dermot O'Dwyer.)

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