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Hi Per,

The wikipedia already has lots of articles on Switzerland. I think that you mean this to be more of a how-to, or some sort of guide to the types of things that wouldn't be in a wikipedia, but like you said, more like a FAQ to foriegners living here who don't have the ambient information of growing up here. Makeing the implicit explicit.

My comment, is, in my long-winded way - that the purpose of the wiki should be stated more clearly on the first page. Right now it says it's specially for the expatriates living here on the about page, but not on the home page.

I would edit the home page, but that's always a sensitive topic, which is why I chose the discussion to post this comment.

Terri (from the expat in zurich list)

I'm confused...

Hi Per-

This whole thing confuses me. Is there some sort of Table of Contents somewhere to show what info has been added?


To all


sorry if I've been a while in getting back to you here - to be honest, I'd prefer if you'd sign up for the swisswiki-authors list. I'm quite busy with other things, so if you want my attention it's much better via email.

I think you've got a very good point, and I look forward to hearing more.


yes and no - switch to the swisswiki-authors list, it's much better for interactive discussion etc.


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