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About Swisswiki

Swisswiki is host to all kinds of articles and material on life, the universe and everything in Switzerland. As most Wikis, it is an effort for the community by the community. If you feel you've got something worthwhile to contribute, simply create an account, sign in and start typing. The technical infrastructure for Swisswiki is provided by ENIDAN Technologies GmbH of Herrliberg, Switzerland.


To be a focal point for miscellaneous information about Switzerland, initially assumed to be of particular of interest to expatriates moving to or living in Switzerland.In particular, Swisswiki is host to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) from the Yahoo mailing-list Expats-in-Zurich, and it is anticipated that it will also host e.g. FAQs or other articles from other sources.


Please try to be neutral and unbiased when writing an article for Swisswiki. Your articles will be read by many different people with a very wide variety of background, culture, education, financial ability etc. Writing for Swisswiki is no different to writing for Wikipedia.


It is expected that the primary language used will be English, but there's no reason why other languages should not be used as and when appropriate. I'll leave this up to the respective author(s).


For the time being, ENIDAN Technologies GmbH provide their services free of charge. It is anticipated that the popularity of Swisswiki may necessitate a move to a location with better service and features, the costs for which could be covered through Google Adsense.


Contact Per Jessen at for all support questions.

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