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Furniture Shops

Cheap n' Cheerful

  • TopTip</li>
  • Conforama (website still under construction as of 12.05.2006)</li>
  • Ikea</li>

    Middle of the Road

  • Interio</li>
  • Pfister</li>
  • Schubiger</li>


  • Mobitare</li>

    the Grand Tour

    If you have a strong constitution, you can hit most of these furniture shops in one day as they are concentrated around Glattzentrum/Dubendorf/Dietlikon. Here's the plan:

  • Conforama - Get to Glattzentrum</li> Quite a few options here. S-Bahn 8 or 14 to Wellisellen then walk (about 7 minutes) or take the 795 bus. Conforama is within visual range of Glattzentrum.
  • Schubiger - Altried</li> Take the 759, 94 or 787 bus from Glattzentrum to Altried - you can't miss the large Schubiger store.
  • World of Furniture</li> Take the 759 or 787 bus from Altried to Dubendorf Sud. The World of Furniture contains TopTip, Pfister and Mobitare. A stone's throw away is Interio.
  • Ikea</li> Hop on the 787 bus and take it all the way to Industriestrasse, right next door to Ikea. You can do this trip in reverse and start at Dietlikon Bahnof and catch the 787 bus to Ikea. --hbunny 21:54, 12 May 2006 (CEST)
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