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Has good food normally but also great Sunday brunch including English breakfast or American style pancakes. This is on Kreuzplatz (Tram 11). [ns]

  • 8001 Zürich - Movie restaurant , by ABC Cinema

Reasonable grub at all-in price. Busy in summer too, when you can have your brunch at the outside tables.


  • 8037 Zürich - Crêperie Grüntal , Breitensteinstrasse 21, 8037 Zürich, 043 366 85 02

Has great crêpes. I had the one with salami, leek (lauch), olives, chilli and Mark had the smoked trout with Crème Fraîche. Also has sweet crêpes. Open ‘till late. In Wipkingen, near Escher-Wyss Platz. [ns]


  • 8005 Zürich - Restaurant Beyond, Zollstrasse 20, 8005 Zürich, 01 366 83 45

Beyond – this is Shanghainese/Chinese food where the staff from the Chinese Embassy go to eat. They have two menus – one is normal “trendy” menu where they also have Thai stuff, but they have another menu... And the food is quite different. This is just across the road from the Hauptbahnhof, on the Landesmuseum side. [ns]

  • 8002 Zürich - Entehuus, Alfred Escher Strasse 11, 8002 Zürich, 01 201 44 90

Peking duck and some other Chinese dishes. Went there for Peking Duck and were surprised at how inexpensive it was. [ns]


This is our favourite restaurant. It’s French and the food is always good. The chef lives in Colmar and goes home on the weekends. But you have to check if its open on weekends because it sometimes is. I can really recommend this place for a great cosy meal. Don’t really need to dress up but you can. We would go in normal jeans. If you have a birthday, let them know. The chef will make a cake. We’ve never been disappointed. [ns]


Probably the Indian restaurant with the best reputation in Zürich. Service can sometimes be a bit slow but food is good. Near Bahnhof Wiedikon. [ns]

Our experience at King's Kurry was not favorable. We were underwhelmed by the food, which tasted as though it had been made the day before and had been warmed up for us. We will not be going back. [zc]

Very good place, as loved by many. Opposite Letzigrund Stadium. [ns]

This is in Wipkingen and they have different things. Also good but perhaps not as good as the top restaurants - but different cook, different tastes. [ns]

  • 5424 near Baden, about 30 km from 8001 Zürich - Curry Beiz, 5424 Unterehrendingen, 056 222 56 61,

Wonderful all-you-can-eat buffet, including vegetarian selections. The website lists their à la carte menu. Reservations recommended. [zc]

Indian/South Indian

Very good South Indian food. I can recommend their buffet on Wednesdays and Sundays. A good place to try South Indian food. [ns]


Just recently tried Handi in Oerlikon and quite liked it. Service was a little slow, but hey, one has to relax with indian food. [ns]


  • 8001 Zürich - Il Golosone, Uraniastrasse 20, 8001 Zürich, +41 44 212 4008

For the best pizza in town, Il Golosone on Uraniastrasse. No bookings possible at lunchtime so get there early....reservations possible for evening session.

Behind Jelmoli carpark has very good pizzas. Very fresh ingredients. Always crowded on the weekends so either book or go early. Currently, our favourite pizza place but place is tied with Don Leone (see below). [ns]

  • 8004 Zürich - Pizzeria Don Leone, Bäkerstrasse 31, 8004 Zürich, 044 241 01 01,

Friends have checked out this place and it passed their inspection too. Service can sometimes be slow though. Sort of place you go to take your time. So I wouldn’t recommend going there before a movie even though it’s around the corner from Stauffacher’s Metropole cinema. Owner also owns Franco's Pizza in Oerlikon. I know some Italian friends who work nearby and go there for lunch everyday. [ns]

I've been going there for 11 years and the pizza and paste is great; service friendly. I feel very at home there.

Another really good Italian place. Currently they have really good Piemontese truffles. [ns]

  • 8001 Zurich - Contrapunto, Waaggasse 5/7 off of Paradeplatz, 8001 Zurich, 044 211 65 25

Good Italian place that actually makes their pasta al dente. I like the carpaccio and the spaghetti with clams. Not too smoky, always a plus. [ac]


  • 8008 Zürich - Ginger , Seefeldstrasse 62, 8008 Zürich, 044 422 95 09

I don't know much about Japanese food but Ginger on Seefeldstrasse is nice (across the road from Tiffins) but expensive. The chef prepares all dishes in the center (sushi/sashimis) and places it on a conveyor belt. The restaurant is very small and you can chat with chef and watch the preparation. It’s a bit pricey but the quality is good. I don’t like fish, but I always find something to eat because they also do stuff with beef and eggs and vegetarian. [ns]


This has always been a good option for a mixed group of vegetarians and meat-eaters. Le Cèdre is probably the most well known in Zürich. Booking is usually required on weekends unless you're really lucky. We’ve never been disappointed. Mezzeh has always been yummy. Belly dancers on some days. Unfortunately, this means that all discussions cease while extremely loud music is played while she goes from table to table. [ns]

Another option (for Lebanese food) is Arabesque. The food is also good and the mezzeh is slightly different to Le Cèdre's. Also has belly dancers on some days. Same deal with the loud music. Would recommend booking on weekends. [ns]

Swiss/Modern Swiss

Heugümper -- is pretty good. In die Altstadt. Worth a try. [ns]

Swiss Fondue/Raclette

  • 8001 Zürich - Restaurant Le Dézaley, Römergasse 7+9, 8001 Zürich, +41 44 251 6129, Website
Quality fondue at a reasonable price. Don't forget your Kirsch!

  • 8004 Zurich - Fribourger Fondue Stübli, Rotwandstrasse 38, 8004 Zurich, 044 241 90 76,
Some of the best fondue in Zurich, in a cozier and less smoky atmosphere than Dezaley or Adler's (and cheaper, too!) They serve both vacherin fondue and moitie-moitie fondue. The chocolate mousse makes an excellent dessert. Closest tram stop is Bezirksgebaeude on the 2 or the 3. They are sister restaurants with Raclette Stube in Niederdorf, if you want something more central, with the same menu. [ac]

  • 8001 Zurich - Fribourger Fondue Stübli, Zähringerstr. 16, 8001 Zurich, 044 251 41 30,
Some of the best fondue in Zurich, in a cozier and less smoky atmosphere than Dezaley or Adler's (and cheaper, too!) They serve both vacherin fondue and moitie-moitie fondue. The chocolate mousse makes an excellent dessert. Located in Niederdorf, they share the same menu as their sister restaurant, Fribourger Fondue Stübli. [ac]

  • Innenstadt Zürich - Fondue Tram, departs Bellvue several times per evening in Fondue season All Aboard!
Possibly overpriced, can't see out of the windows, food good, more if you ask, worth doing once....


Great trendy Thai food. Very crowded after 7:30 pm on most days but very quick service. [ns]
This is no posh eatery! Good food, reasonable prices, wooden tables.


  • 8004 Zürich - Roi-Et , Schöneggstrasse 30, 8004 Zürich, 044 291 58 30

Really good Thai place. It’s not “trendy” but there are plenty of delicate flavours in the food. Very extensive menu for such a small place. Bus Stop: 31/32 Militairestrasse, off Langstrasse. [ns]

Another good restaurant in Niederdorf. Trendy setup. Don’t go upstairs – it’s just same food for more price. Stay down, in the restaurant/café. [ns]

Good but booking essential. Also in the Niederdorf. [ns]

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