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Welcome to SwissWiki!

First-time visitor?

If you're visiting Swisswiki for the fist time, we suggest a quick browse of the About Swisswiki page first.


The Yahoo mailing-list Expats-in-Zurich is where this Wiki was born. See the list of frequently asked questions from Expats-in-Zurich. This also currently serves as the index.

One reader said:

"Excellent website! BRAVO! This is absolutely the best thing I have found since my book purchase in '95 'Living & Working in Switzerland'. Your information is current, your authors informed and readers delighted!"

Good things about Switzerland

In June 2008, quite a few members of the Yahoo Expat-Moms-In-Switzerland mailing list wrote up what they thought of as [Good things about Switzerland]. I thought they were worth collecting, so here they are.


A Wiki is a collaborative tool used in many areas - some of the most famous examples undoubtedly being Wikipedia and Wiktionary.


Right now, I'm running the show on my own. Later on, I would like to establish a group of editors to work together on style and content. If you're interested in participating more actively e.g. as an editor, let me know.

For authors

If you are writing for Swisswiki, sign up for the Swisswiki-authors mailinglist. Also, although it is not yet mandatory, please create an account and login before you start writing.

Also, for the time being Swisswiki is a building site. Until we reach a certain amount of information, I suspect this will be the case. Feel free to play around and perhaps write the odd article to try out the Wiki idea and tools. When you're ready, perhaps have a peek at the User's Guide.

Consult the configuration settings list and the User's Guide for information on customising and using the wiki software.

If you want to have a look at how popular Swisswiki is in general, I have created some visitor statistics.

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