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  • Fitnesspark,
  • Fitnesspark has several gyms around Zurich, including one in the Niederdorf that has a Turkish bath. Members who refer new members get a referral bonus. New members get a fitness evaluation with a personal trainer.

    Another option to consider is getting supplemental insurance ("Qualitop") that costs a few more francs per month on top of your regular health insurance, but which will cover up to about 500 CHF/year towards membership at a qualifying gym (usually gyms that have saunas and other facilities geared towards total health, and not just muscle-building). Only certain insurers offer the option, and only certain gyms qualify, so check on both ends if you decide you want to do this. [ac]

  • McFit,
  • In the main train station, so if you pass through here on a daily basis and want a work-out before or after work, it's a good choice.

    Opens at 6:30 am.

    There are no extras, no sauna, no wellness ... just cardio machines, weight machines and a variety of classes to attend.

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