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Where to buy and donate second-hand english books in Zurich


Caritas Kunst & Krempel, Birmensdorferstrasse 53, 8004 Zurich [1] Small charity shop, two shelves of english books at back of shop, but quick turnover. 3CHF each book Tram 9 or 14 or train to Bahnhof Wiedikon, cross over road, shop is in the middle of the row of shops

Buecher Brocky, Bederstrasse 4 (entrance via Gutenbergstasse.) [2] HUGE second hand bookshop, with whole aisle of Eglish books, prices between 1CHF and 4CHF per book Tram 6 to Bahnhof Enge or 13 to Enge/Bederstrasse. Head towards the Post Office and you'll see the Buecker Brocky signs

Zurich Brockenhaus, Neugasse 11 [3] Go to the Second Floor, and there's a whole self of english books. It's more expensive here than the Bruecker Brocky, but it's got newer / better quality books.

The Pestalozzi Library (several branches in Zurich but particularly the Zähringerstrasse 17 branch) has a good selection of English books & DVDs [4] There is an annual membership of either 30 (2 items) or 45chf (25 items) or you can just borrow for a month for 10chf. Take ID with you. They also have occassional booksales

Bookcrossing Or you can join [5] bookcrossing.com and release books, track books, trade books, send books through the post.....It’s a great internet community and we have regular ‘live’ meetups at Café Gloria (Josefstrasse 59, 8005 Zürich) each month where we drink beer and swap books !

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