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German - private lessons

Several years of experience teaching German as a foreign language in Zurich taught me to approach each student individually. Therefore I stress what you need most, may it be grammar, conversational skills, writing, cultural background, business talk or all together. Some prefer a rather structured approach, others like it playfully: just tell me what you need. I am flexible and use to visit my clients in their offices and homes. Besides giving private tuition, I work for two language schools in Zurich, Sprachwelten ( und World of Languages.

I have a Zurich University degree in German and English linguistics and literature. My nationality is German (thus no Swiss accent) but I love Switzerland and am well integrated, so along teaching you German, I will be able to give you a sound background into Swiss and German mentality, politics and history. If you are interested, I can even teach you some basic knowledge of Swiss-German to get around in Zurich.

Learn German with Vera!

Call 079 679 33 40 for a free trial lesson.

German and Swiss German at Sprachwelten

Sprachwelten offers German and Swiss German courses (yes, even if you are not yet fluent in High German).

If you are interested in our program, please contact either Monika Dätwyler (043 277 80 00) or me, (079 679 33 40)

The advantages of Sprachwelten are:

- very personal atmosphere

- small classes (maximum 5)

- fast pace (really, be prepared to do a lot of homework)

- lots of conversation (we push you to start talking soon)

- intelligent students (Sprachwelten deliberately concentrates on students with a university degree or a good educational background, which ensures that we can work on a high level. If you ever took part in a class were the educational backgrounds differ widely, you know what I am talking about.)

- smoke free

As we are very flexible, it is possible to start a new course on short notice. You are very welcome to participate in a trial class. Please contact us beforehand to make an appointment.

Prices for classes (3-5 students) are a bit more expensive than at larger schools, but we guarantee you a maximum of 5 students per class. So, instead of sitting for 3 hours in a class and speak maximum twice per 3 hours, here you can talk all the time. We can always work out individual arrangements for you!

We are very strong in conversation and grammar, because most of our students prepare for exams (ZMP, ZOP, KDS and university/ETH entrance exam). Additionally, we offer different topic classes, e.g. verbs for discussion, giving talks in German, subsidiary sentences etc.

Moreover we offer language courses in: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Serbian, and Czech.


Bodmerstrasse 4

8002 Zürich

043 277 80 00

Sprachwelten is located near Bahnhof Enge. From Bellevue you take tram 5 for 2 stops (Rentenanstalt), and enter Genferstrasse, it is the 3rd road to the left. Or from Paradeplatz you take tram 6, 7, or 13 for 2 stops (Tunnelstrasse), enter Genferstrasse, it is the 2nd road to the right.

General info about language schools

Whichever school you choose, you should check the following:

- size of classes (which will determine how much you will be able to take part in a conversation)

- course program: How long will it take you to reach which level? How much homework is involved?

- educational level of teachers (many schools work with underpaid university students as teachers - that is how I started). It is not so important that the teacher has a degree, though, more important that s/he is experienced)

- educational level of other students. This is more important than you might think. In most schools they just mix but not match ... if you ever studied together with somebody who can barely read and write and does not know much about his/her mother tongue, you know what I am talking about. I taught such classes. It is unfair to the slower as well as to the faster learners. Those from a language group outside of the Latin and German-based languages (for instance Asian languages) will naturally have more trouble keeping up.

- you should have a look at one of the classrooms and equipment

- ask for a trial lesson. Make sure you get to know at least the teacher, better the whole class.

- make sure that the school concentrates on what YOU need (e.g conversation, grammar, text production, business German etc.)

- check how flexible the school is, e.g. if you can combine two courses because that suits your timetable better or if you can only take the conversation class but not the grammar etc.

- check the contract carefully

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