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Switzerland has a generally private helathcare system, but with fairly strict regulation as well public subsidies. [please complete]


Doctors, dentists, hospitals and all health services have to be paid for in Switzerland. Health insurance, or more accurately Health Fund (Krankenkasse), membership is compulsory (unless you can prove you have the savings to cover your possible health requirements).
Dentists are not usually covered by these funds. They can be, but it is usually not worthwhile.
Usually you pay for your treatment and then your health fund will refund 90% of the cost, less any annual 'franchise' (like car insurance excess) you opt for.
Health costs and health funds are expensive. It is worthwhile taking some time checking the best deal for you. See the Comparis website - an excellent resource for other insurances too. It is possible to change your heath fund provider each year before January renewals.

Another option to consider is getting supplemental insurance ("Qualitop") that costs a few more francs per month, but which will cover up to about 500 CHF/year towards membership at a qualifying gym (usually gyms that have saunas and other facilities geared towards total health, and not just muscle-building). [ac]

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