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Crisco/Vegetable Shortening

The white vegetable based lard like fat so essential to so many American baking projects is hard to find here in Z├╝rich. It is actually for sale at an adult video store at Badenerstrasse 254 called Erotik Factory. The place is very clean and well lit with a uniformed staff, nothing to be afraid of. Go to the basement and find it in the display case across from the stairs along with lubricants. At present only the small 16oz size is sold for 15 chf (sold for about $2.50 in the US).

If that scares you, and I can understand that it might, there is a substitute. Pflanzenfett can be found at finer Swiss grocery stores (such as the Coop at Bellevue) near the margarine and such. It is a light yellow color. I find it to be greasier than Crisco and I would suggest using 80% of what your recipe calls for as a starting point.

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